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Meet Jens Stoltenberg: from New Labour, climate change, and jabs for all, to provoking a world war

Some politicians are much more than well paid actors, executing the silent orders of the invisible power grabbers behind them. They seem to genuinely believe each script that is put into their hands. Some notorious examples of this kind of personality disorder are to be found with the prime ministers of Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands and the UK. These people seem to have no backbone of their own, let alone any ethical considerations. They are great in their job, that is, they play the perfect billboard for the political and economic agendas of the elites they are working for. With the promise, ofcourse, to become part of that elite themselves, as long as they stay loyal to their wishes.

This week we have seen NATO secretary Jens Stoltenberg heating up the conflict in Ukraïne, thereby speaking in utterly degrading words about the Russian president Putin, and Chinese president Xi Jingping. Calling out the two most powerful military blocks next to NATO, as being incredulous criminals.

I do not know much about Jens. With his rather funny Norwegian accent, he makes me quite uncomfortable when announcing that NATO will even risk a nuclear war with Russia in pushing Ukraine for NATO-membership; a move that Russia simply cannot accept on important geostrategic grounds.

And I shiver when he talks about the Asian nuclear superpower China, as if they were a naughty child that needs to be punished by the West, in perfect accordance with centuries of Western imperialism. He seems so full of himself and his script, that he doesn't seem to care or even realise how much oil he is putting on the international political fire.

What I know about Jens is the following.

His mother as well as his father served respectively as secretary and minister under various Norwegian governments.

He is a great admirer of Tony Blair, the former prime minister of the UK, that embodied the Third Way, a new form of hard neoliberalism, disguised as socialism. Blair is no longer in official politics, but seems to turn up on all important political fora, as a staunch supporter of vaccine mandates, digital ID, Net Zero, and Great Reset. Oh, and Blair helped starting a huge war in Iraq in 2003, leaving millions dead, wounded or displaced, on completely false grounds.

Jens was a prime minister of Norway for almost ten years, privatising a lot of public services.

In 2011 he received the United Nations Foundation's Champion of Global Change Award, chosen for his extraordinary effort toward meeting Agenda 2030. Here his international fame seemed to really take off.

After his political defeat in Norway, in 2013, he was quickly appointed Special Envoy on Climate Change for the United Nations, leading the talks to decarbonize the West, and go for Net Zero by 2050.

At the same time, he was working intensely together with GAVI and the Gates Foundation to push vaccination for all.

And in 2014, he became the most powerful public figure within NATO. A few weeks ago, world renowned journalist Seymour Hersh revealed that the US was most probably behind the sabotage of the Nordstream gas pipelines, in close collaboration with the Norwegian forces. If Stoltenberg has anything to do with this, is unclear. We do know NATO tries to cover up for the war crimes of the US in this matter. We also know the US is the main power within NATO.

Stoltenberg is probably in his last phase of pretending to lead NATO. He has showed a vivid interest in now becoming the head of the Norwegian Central Bank, once he leaves the military organisation.

So we have this great actor, Jens Stoltenberg, pushing hard for a New World Order, based on:

- neoliberal globalism, with the interests of the elites shaping the political agenda's;

- a Net Zero strategy;

- an adherence to Agenda 2030;

- regular (mRNA) vaccine mandates;

- fighting Russia and China until they accept a unipolar world, as promoted by the current Western elite and its accomplices in NATO, GAVI, World Economic Forum, United Nations, and so forth.

- and, most probably, advocating programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies to push away cash money, and all the freedoms that come with it.

These are all perfectly in line with the Great Reset, a vision on turning our world upside down, into a topdown, centralised New World Order, steered by a group of (mostly Western) oligarchs.

I guess this puppet-on-a-string would sell his own mother-in-law, if asked for. I

But hey, I could be wrong. Maybe he's just a visionary politican, trying to save our world together with his powerful philantropic friends. And becoming filthy rich at the same time.

But I doubt it, everytime I listen to him, and observe the bodylanguage of this professional actor.



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